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Twin Swing Set
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Manufactured to a high quality commercial grade and suitable for schools, day care play grounds and are sold Australia Wide

Swing Set
Swinging is one of the pleasurable moments among the children of all age groups. Swing sets are the essential equipment of playgrounds and beaches. However, these sets can also be kept for the children in the backyard of the houses. Today, parents understand the importance of such play equipment for the physical and emotional well-being of their children. Therefore, the consumption of the swing sets in houses has increased globally during the last ten years.
As there are various benefits attached with swinging, including physical, emotional and social impacts on children; thus, Cubby Houses Australia offer their healthy product of twin swing set that assures the joy and excitement in your children's life. So, if you have more than one child twin swing set of Cubby House Melbourne will benefit a great deal. Few of the advantages of twin swing sets are highlighted below:
Physical Advantages
In order to prevent childhood obesity, swinging is the best and enjoyable physical activity for the children. While swinging, your child burns his/her extra calories, since pushing forward and pulling backwards requires a lot of muscular movement. The endurance of knees and hips of your children is also increased during swinging activities. Additionally, swinging also enhances the immunity in your child's body that helps them to live a healthy life.
Emotional Advantages
Swinging is an activity that helps your child relieve the stress, as it is a refreshing activity. It also helps in boosting the creative and imaginative abilities in your children. It is believed that swinging provides your children a downtime, in which they can reflect on their day's events they have gone through or the upcoming ones. Furthermore, swinging offers to increase the sensory experiences of the children, as these experiences include, pull of gravity, sight, sound, touch and movement. Therefore, in order to serve the sensory integration in your children, a twin swing set is a best gift, especially for the children suffering from autism.
Social Advantages
As it has already been discussed that swinging relieves a child from stress; therefore, it helps a child to be more socially active. Swinging, being an outdoor activity, serves in developing the capacity of better interactions with the peers. Moreover, while swinging on a twin swing set, a child must compare himself with the other one. This helps children in learning from each other within a playful and natural environment.
The above advantages are the few most prominent advantages of swinging; however, there still is a long list of swinging benefits. We, the Cubby House Australia, have been offering a wide range of cubby houses and swing sets for the children of all ages. Our Twin Swing Set is one of our most popular products that contain all the safety aspects required for a perfect swing set. Our experts design all the forts, cubby houses and swings after doing a deep research, in which safety and health benefits are always given a priority.




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