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Timber cubby houses, like our Australian-made Panda Pack Cubby, are perfect backyard kids toys.

The Panda Pack kids' gym cubby house kit will be a sure-fire hit with young children and older children alike. This large cubby house structure comes in at 6800x4800 and has all sorts of awesome features for all of the kids to enjoy. The Panda Pack kids' gym cubby house is elevated so there is plenty of room underneath for your children to play and run around. You could even possibly put a sandbox underneath the cubby house for more added fun for everyone, especially the younger children.

The first, and most obvious, feature of the Panda Pack kids' gym cubby house is that it does indeed have a cubby house. This is an enclosed area where your children can play make believe, like they have their own home or own their own business. There are "windows" on the Panda Pack cubby house that you can put fabric over to look like cute curtains or just leave it bare so they can enjoy the lovely view from up in the cubby house. The decision is really up to you. Your children can put all sorts of things in the cubby house such as a small table and chairs as well as a pretend kitchen and so much more! Whatever they like to play pretend with can be put in this cubby house.

Some other features of the Panda Pack kids' gym cubby house are that it has a slide and a rock climbing wall. Kids enjoy sliding down the slide that comes with the Panda Pack kids' gym cubby house kit. They also enjoy pretending to climb a mountain by climbing up the rock climbing wall that comes with this cubby house. The incline of the rock climbing wall is not very steep so even some smaller children may be able to climb it.

With the Panda Pack kids' gym cubby house, there is also an area where you can hang the wooden rung ladder, an accessory available for purchase. Your children can spend hours climbing up and down the ladder, pretending that they are on a daring mission. Once they are up to the top of the ladder of the cubby house, they can either climb back down the way they came or they can grab the pole and then slide down safely to the ground. There is also an area of the cubby house where you put the scramble net that also comes free with the cubby house kit. This is a fun activity that smaller children enjoy and they can pretend the net is any number of things.

Some other toys that also available for purchase with this cubby house kit include a steering wheel, which can provide hours of entertainment as your child pretends to be a race car driver or a sailor, a periscope which can also be used if they are pretending to be a sailor, and a telescope which comes in handy if they are pretending to be an explorer out to find uncharted land.

Kitcraft has been providing the best cubby houses in Australia for more than seventeen years. We operate from our headquarters in Western Australia. At KitCraft DIY cubby house and cubby fort kits, including the Panda Pack cubby house, are designed to entice your kids to run, jump and play with their safety in mind. Our wooden outdoor toys are sturdy and secure as they are made from the finest Australian organic timber which is sanded down to a smooth feel - no splinters. We only use domestic materials because it ensures that your cubby house will stand up to heat and rain. Our wooden cubby houses are resistant to white rot and fungus thanks to special organic treatment. Our elevated cubbies are built with strong supports and safety is built into the designs. For instance, there is no glass in our windows. Parents can be at ease when their children are playing with their backyard playground equipment from KitCraft.

Shipping and Handling Information

When you order the Panda Pack, it will be shipped in kit form ready for you to put together. Here at KitCraft Cubby Houses and Forts we ship our DIY kits all over Australia. You will receive your kit in pre-cut pieces with understandable instructions that are easy to follow and with each piece clearly labeled. The cubbies are designed for the average handyman to put together with easy-to-read direction, but should you have any questions there are consultants available to help through email and over the phone during normal business hours. Don't forget to let your little ones help where they can so they can feel a part of taking care of their special outdoor toy right from the beginning.


Colorbond Roof Colour Selection

Note: Screen colours provided as a guide only
Pale Eucalypt Deep Ocean Woodland Grey Zincalume

Panda Pack Kids Gym Order Selection

(Width x Depth)
6000 x 3000 $4250.00

Accessory Pricing and Order Selection

Half door kit $24 Door knobs (plain) $5 Full door kit $37
Steering wheel $25.95 Telescope $25.95 Periscope $25.95
Climbnet $89.95 Handles $14.95

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